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From the very beginnings of our group we wanted to be the place where early career developers gain additional skills that make them stand out and help secure their first roles in tech. Because of that we've included the follwing topics into every project we've built so far:

  • Practicing Effective Communication
  • Planning & Collaborating by using Jira
  • Exploring Agile Ways Of Working
  • Nurturing Psychological Safety
  • Encouraging Public Speaking
  • Empowering Future Leaders

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We planted some trees

Having a positive impact and making the world a better place is very important to us 🖤

Trees planted so far:


*Planted trough third party applications

Frequently Used Tools & Technologies ⚒️

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... we always make sure to include accessibility topics 🤗

Events & Meetups 📣

We're a chatty bunch! Our group likes to organise meetings where we run workshops, plan future projects, answer questions or provide some help with tasks we're stuck on. When each of the meetings (or workshops) are planned we always check in with our members to make sure everyone is available - because, you know, timezones!

Our meetings are organised on Discord, but sometimes, we like to pop over to our Gather castle and have some fun as well.

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It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

- Confucius

Get Involved

Junior Developers

£0 / membership

  • Request skill appropriate reviews & feedback
  • Meet new people and practice public speaking
  • Participate in workshops & hackathon events
  • Get familiar with tools like Jira
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Get Involved

Mentors & Team Leads

£0 / membership

  • Help others with skill appropriate feedback
  • Practice planning and organising projects
  • Lead monthly workshops & hackathon events
  • Introduce use of tools like Jira