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Removing your data

If you are an existing member of Junior Developer group, the data collected would contain the following:

  • Your Discord Profile (name, image, nickname, description)
  • Your GitHub Profile (name, image, description, url)
  • Your Jira Profile (name, image)
  • Your email address (used only to add you to GitHub and Jira)
  • Your personalised card on our Members page (name, image, socials, description)

As you're aware, to manually remove your data from Discord, Github and Jira you're required to leave the server or the group.
After you leave the mentioned services your data will no longer be shared or stored within Junior Developer Group.

If you'd like us to remove you from our members page please email Likii and she'll make sure you're no longer displayed there.

For any other enquiries about data collection please visit our contact page or talk to us over discord.